Sweet Treats

Hospitality is a cornerstone of Moroccan culture, and nothing embodies this tradition more than the desserts served to honored guests. Zaytouna Lounge is proud to welcome you as an honored guest, presenting hand-made desserts that represent the best of Moroccan confections. The nation's pastries, like the rest of its cuisine, echo a rich history of culinary influences, from Berber to Arab, and from Ottoman Turk to French colonial. Here are the more popular pastries of Zaytouna Lounge.

Kaab ghzal (or Kaab el ghzal)

Generally called Gazelle's Horns in English, these delicious pastries are actually shaped more like a gazelle's hoof. In fact, the Arabic words are more accurately translated gazelle's ankles. Often considered the most popular of Moroccan pastries, these treats are stuffed with an almond paste that includes a hint of anise.

Briwat (or Briouat)

Also filled with an almond paste, the deep-fried, triangular Briwat can be found throughout Morocco, served with an afternoon tea, or during a special occasion. Like Kaab Ghzal, the Briwat is often included among the special delicacies at evening meals during Ramadan. What a way to break a day's fast!

Mille Feuille

Though Morocco did not become a French protectorate until 1912, it is Napolean's armies that sometimes get credit for introducing the Mille Fuelle to Morocco. In fact, an American variation of the dessert is called a Napolean. The French Mille Feulle literally means "thousand sheets" or "thousand leaves," referring to the alternating layers of pâte feuilletée (puff pastry) and crème pâtissière (pastry cream or whipped cream). Whether you call it a Napolean or a Mille Feulle, or even a Vanilla Slice as the Aussies do, you'll love this international treat with a Moroccan twist.

Fekkas (or Fakkas)

Similar to Italian biscotti, Fekkas is a lightly sweetened, crisp cookie, ideal for enjoying with a good cup of coffee or glass of mint tea. Just about every city in Morocco boasts its own variation of the Fekkas, which may be made with hazelnuts, pecans or other nuts, and flavored with ground cinnamon or orange blossom water. At the Zaytouna Lounge, these slender delights include raisins and almonds, with a trace of anise.