A Little Bit of Morocco

Zaytouna Lounge coffee shop

If you can't travel to Marrakech, Rabat or Casablanca, then stop into the Zaytouna Lounge to experience a little bit of Morocco, right here in Austin! Zaytouna is a coffee shop that offers a whole lot more. Here you can play an invigorating game of petanque, or relax while smoking an authentic Moroccan hookah (water pipe). Most importantly, you'll always be treated as an honored guest!


A variety of tasty desserts!


Moroccan mint tea, coffee or smoothies

Be sure to try the Kaab Ghzal. It's a favorite at Zaytouna. More....

There's nothing like Moroccan mint tea, especially with fresh "home-grown" mint! More....



Hookah on the patio
Play a game of French Petanque

Conversations flow easily around the hookah. Why not try one of Zaytouna Lounge's selection of flavors? More....

Petanque originated in the south of France more than 100 years ago, but you can try your hand at the game right here! More....

About Us

Zaytouna Lounge is a reflection of the owner's dream to share some of what he loves about Morocco, his native country. More....